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A Garden in Venice

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come inside!

Behind the red-brick walls of an ancient world of secret gardens and has survived.


Behind the RED BRICK walls of VENICE, an ancient world of secret GARDENS and forgotten FLAVORS 
has survived.

Behind red-brick walls, an ancient world of GARDENS has survived in VENICE.

Did you know that almost half of Venice still consists of gardens? In the 15th century, our city counted more than 400 botanical gardens. More than any other city in the world.

SAPORI di giardini salati. FLAVORS of
the salt gardens.

Artemisia syrup. Lilac sugar. Sea lavender cake. Cornelian cherry-apple cornetto. Just some of the recipes that set Venetian cuisine apart for centuries.
In 1945, our grandmother started exploring historical recipes from journals at the San Zaccaria monastery, next to Piazza San Marco. And since 2012, we've been sharing what we found  - historical recipes for food, natural remedies and perfumery and a garden culture worth re-discovering.

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We support ecotourism in Venice by providing tips for responsible tourists in e-books and online classes. 30 per cent of our revenues go to local initiatives to make life better in Venice.

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We're sharing the recipes and many stories in our three part online series: From the basics of Venetian heritage to Lagoon cuisine and the Masterclass about spices and perfumes.

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Our e-magazine LA VENESSIANA will appear three times a year from spring 2022. With lots of ideas for slow travelers who want to discover the culinary culture and food artisans of Venice.

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San Zaccaria

Come inside the ancient gardens of San Zaccaria. An ancient terraced garden and sanctuary for Lagoon plants.

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