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No need for Nonna Lina to create a paradise garden when she moved into her new home in June 1968. It was already there.. Il giardino del cuore a Venezia.

No need for Nonna Lina to create a paradise garden when she moved into her new home in June 1968. It was already there ..

La Cucina del Cuore - Garden Book

Read the story of the oldest garden in Venice, and its monastery, once the largest and richest in the Lagoon. And yes, it's as green as it looks in these images, with 248 edible plants currently growing here. A sanctuary of the Lagoon flora,  filled with salt-loving herbs like critmo marittimo and minutina, but also camelias, wisteria, roses, and pomegranates. 

food stories from a venetian garden

what's inside

the gardens

In Venice, you can make out seven garden styles, based on Byzantine and Persian hanging gardens. Discover them in the book!

the monastery

The story of the San Zaccaria monastery and its gardens, and forgotten recipes such as almond calissoni.

the recipes

An ancient cooking style using flowers, herbs, and spices: Discover the 30 favorite recipes Nonna cooked in her restaurants.

the edible treasures of venice

It's like tasting a garden on your plate: Ancient botanical cuisine

Baking with rose petals and rose syrup. Making grappa-and-lilac-flavored sweet breads, or rose-lilac sugar? Yes, this is possible and we will show you how in our new book which explores the forgotten historical recipes of Venice! Some of them date back to the 12th century.

Did you know? For 800 years, Venice was the greenest city in Europe ..

about Venetian gardens

Palace gardens - kitchen gardens, monastery gardens - Lagoon gardens, and many more.

Recipes to taste

30 exclusive recipes with ingredients from the garden, and resources from the San Zaccaria library.

The garden calendar

Seasonal botanical calendar, with ideas for your own backyard!

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“Yucca blossoms, soft green figs, uva fragola grapes. Venetian gardens taste like paradise

- nonna lina

“From 28 April 1968 .. all about restoring the oldest

 garden in Venice.”

Lina and her husband bought the guesthouse of the San Zaccaria monastery in April 1968 because the nuns had decided to leave. Within 10 years, they succeeded in restoring the ancient garden which had suffered from the 1966 floods.

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“The monastery became a private home and small guesthouse

with a view ..”

.. and a small enchanted courtyard garden below the hanging terraces. Here, Lina created a Lagoon sanctuary for forgotten herbs from the salt marshes, using them as ingredients in her restaurant.

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available in early summer 2022

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