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Protected: Sopa Coada – Venetian winter comfort soup

This is the Christmas Nonna Lina used to celebrate 50 years ago, and her thought about the holidays 2020: This Christmas, life in Venice feels like a opening a window into the past, reliving simple and authentic times, and traditions long forgotten. The real Venice shines through, when 24 and 31 December were the most […]

Natale Bizantino – Celebrating Christmas, Venetian style

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Laguna in Cucina’s program in December: All about persimmons and bergamot. One (the persimmons) is growing in the Venetian gardens while the other (bergamot) arrives in the Lagoon from Calabria. There are a few bergamot trees in Venetian gardens, but they never arrive at the markets.

Laguna in cucina

Our Advent Calendar is live! And in 2020, it’s totally dedicated to the small businesses of Venice and in particular, their culinary offers. We’ve collected a couple of ideas for your Holiday shopping. And a lot has changed since last year, because so many small art and gift shops are now online! Follow my blog […]

Advent Calendar

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Postcard from Venice.